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Equipment nameCO2 laser engraving and cutting machine
Equipment modelETL-E10060

1. The appearance is very beautiful and delicate.
2. The supper depth steel plate and industry class  assure the precision of working life.
3. Two sides and forward and backward are coherent, it does not limited large materials
4. The craft is very delicate and Up-down all have exhaust fan platform
5. Red light monitor system help your precise location.
6. The machine body can be disassembly make remove very convenience.
7. The up-above cover & right & left could be lifted , it made adjust of light and maintenance very convenience.

Application field  

Automotive nameplate.
Crafts. Wooden artwork and gift box.                                                 Crystal nameplate. Certificate and agency badges.Sign engraving .                Portraits and Pictures engraving ,Organic glass. Double color board engraving.     Leather decorating and cutting. Stone Engraving For parks. Automotive instrument panel
Laser Tube TypeSealed-off CO2 Laser              

Cooling system  :water cooling  

Laser power100W                                      

Laser wavelength :10.6μm

Laser Capability Control1~100% manipulating and software setting  

Engraving speed0~1200mm/s

Resolution ratio<0.025mm

Min shaping Character (mm)Chinese character 2*2letter 1*1

Engraving Depth0~20mm

Highest scanning precision0.025mm(1200dpi)

Power supplyAC220V±10% 50Hz

Operating temperature:10~35℃


Auxiliary equipmentsExhaust-fans. Air-exhaust pipe

Operating humidity5%~95%free of condensed water

Engraving area1000mm*600mm

Shape size1600*1150*1100mm

Net weight350kg

Gross Power<1500W

CCD Resolution ratio: 1.3X107 --3.2x107 PIXELS
Choose to buy:

         1. camera-positioning and automatic brim-seeking system. 
               2. Automatic rinsing platform.
               3. Rotate the organization.


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